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Free Spins

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Free Spins is a popular feature found in most online video slots. Free Spins usually occur as a bonus round that is triggered when landing 3 or more identical symbols.

However, free spins can also be activated by revealing certain symbols in bonus games or achieving a number of consecutive winning respins.

The number of awarded free spins is often a firm number. But games exist where the player can choose from a lower number of spins with a higher multiplier, or vice versa.

Many titles allow the player to win additional spins during a Free Spins round by collecting certain symbols or making the right symbol combinations on the reels. Sometimes a finite number of additional spins can be won, whereas other games allow for an unlimited number of additional spins.

Free spins won inside a game are counted as normal rounds and do not include a wagering requirement.

Free spins can also be won directly from Wildz on Levelz. These free spins won from Wildz are not an added feature to any game, but are awarded as normal spins. Please note that free spins won from Wildz are subject to wagering requirements. See Bonus Terms and Conditions for full details.


How do free spins work?

Free Spins are, as the name indicates, spins that you don't have to pay for. Let's say you get 10 Free Spins, then you can spin the reel ten times without paying, and winnings are paid to your bankroll.

How is a Free Spins bonus round triggered?

In most slots, Free Spins are triggered by landing three or more identical symbols. They can also be activated by revealing certain symbols in bonus games or achieving a number of consecutive winning re-spins.

How do I get Free Spins on Levelz?

You are rewarded one spin on our Levelz by filling your progress bar and levelling up. This single-reel mini slot awards Free Spins to your favourite games and other prizes.

Can I get Free Spins from support?

Our customer support team do not have access to grant players bonuses or Free Spins. These can only be received through marketing campaigns sent via email or SMS.

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  • Only 1x wagering requirement
  • Exclusive offers
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  • VIP events

Read more about VIP cashback in our Bonus Terms.

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