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Safe and Secure Online Operators

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Selecting a reputable online gambling site option from the many that are available may seem daunting, but there are certain guidelines that can help you to determine what to look out for. This handy guide will indicate what establishes the trustworthiness of a platform, describing in more detail the safety and security elements involved, as well as the handling of private and personal information and financial transactions. A combination of these factors should provide the peace of mind players are looking for when enjoying a play session at a platform such as Wildz . A trusted, reputable and licensed iGaming platform will use the latest technology to safeguard player information and privacy. Here are the basic principles of safety and security in an iGaming site:

Understanding iGaming Security

How an iGaming operator accesses, processes and stores personal data as well as adherence to regional/local regulations and guidelines (compliance) form the backbone of online iGaming security. Multiple factors contribute to this, including encryption (SSL) - ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in internet communications - as well as the ways in which data is collected and used in general in the online gambling environment.

All these aspects contribute to a seamless customer experience, forming the foundation of iGaming operator security and privacy.

Security measures at Wildz

Right from the start, security measures must be in place at an online gambling site, so from Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to ongoing data management there’s a rigorous, end-to-end structure to safeguard the management and processing of customer information. This framework is contained in Wildz’ Privacy Policy , which outlines what processes are active.

Licensing and regulation

Countries, territories and regions all have differing approaches to online gambling, and countries and territories also have independent legal frameworks in place to protect consumers. Wildz adheres to these guidelines and regulations in every country where the company provides iGaming products and services. Each market closely monitors the activities of online operators to ensure that player protection is safeguarded at all times.

Licensing and Regulation offers players the knowledge that the platforms they are using are adhering to stringent requirements when it comes to compliance, protecting them against unscrupulous operating procedures that may exist in unregulated markets.

Here are the details for Wildz’ current licensing and operating agreements:

Under parent company Rootz Ltd., Wildz has been licensed as an operator since 15 September 2022 in the German market. Wildz is therefore licensed and regulated by the Joint Gambling Authority of the Federal States (GGL) under Ref. 208.1.1-02254-Rootz Ltd.

Customer support and transparency

A company should always provide full disclosure and transparency about its goods and services. This information is contained in the terms and conditions and it is highly recommended that customers, players and users read through those terms and conditions prior to agreeing to them when opting in to use a company’s products and services. Doing so is what’s known as informed consent, allowing customers to fully understand the company’s operating guidelines and any restrictions or limitations that may be in place. In an online gambling environment, this especially relates to understanding bonus offers as well as financial transactions (deposits and withdrawals), and the full extent of responsibility held by both the customer and the company.

The Terms and Conditions are there to provide player protection and to ensure compliance is prioritised every step of the way. Players can find out more by reading through the Bonus Terms & Conditions, too, so that an opt-in offer is fully understood before acceptance. Information players may want to know is usually contained within the T&Cs, although Wildz has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Customer Support (Live Chat and email) to assist with any clarifications that may be needed.

Understanding all the options available at Wildz aids in providing an enjoyable online gambling experience.

Responsible gambling

Responsible Gaming guidelines help players to protect themselves and aid in preventing the onset of problem gambling. These guidelines are at the core of the Wildz code of ethics, offering players the tools that can assist them in managing their gambling activities.

These include: helping players to understand and set personal limits (time limits, net loss limits, wagering limits and deposit limits); providing details about time-outs for customers who feel that their gaming activities are out of control or they simply want a break; offering a permanent self-exclusion option; delivering reality checks (letting players track their gaming activities - Wildz sends a summary of these activities at 60-minute intervals during a session); supplying useful tips on the website and links to resources, as well as round-the-clock access to Customer Support.

Combined, these provide a template for Responsible Gaming, ensuring that these principles are adhered to, equipping players so that they can manage their time and spending limits and safeguard against problem gambling.

Fair gaming

The default position of all online gambling platforms must be that Fair Gaming practices and standards are implemented. Players must have strictly the same chance of winning or losing with the same probabilities apply to every game played in order for the online slots to be considered ‘fair’.

There are multiple systems, tools and procedures to ensure Fair Gaming is in place at Wildz.

In online slots, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is in operation, a computerised algorithm that generates a random number which provides a random spin or draw (playing cards) ensuring that video slots and table games cannot be manipulated. RNGs, along with Return to Player rates (the payout percentage, or the amount that will potentially be paid back to players over an amount of time as specified by gaming regulations) as delivered by the RNG are part of the structure of online slots.

Regular and ongoing independent audits and certifications through industry bodies such as eCOGRA are essential, along with the operator’s adherence to strict rules provided by regulatory bodies, as well as conducting business within a Responsible Gaming framework: these facets all contribute to the responsibility held by the licensee to operate in a way that ensures Fair Gaming, providing peace of mind to players.

Secure payments

Payment Options are available according to the local and regional guidelines and legislation in place. These differ depending on which region players are accessing the sites. Payments made to an online operator should always be made via secure payment methods, including online bank payments, bank transfers, credit card payments and eWallet payments. Trusted payment providers must be used and personal banking information such as passwords and PIN codes should not be shared. Funds should be deposited via a secure source that incorporates encryption software. Players should always log out of banking platforms and gambling platforms when not using them. ‘Remember Password’ features should be disabled, too.


How do I know if an online gambling site is safe and secure?

The licensing information for a specific operator must be displayed on the website so that it is visible to users and users should always ascertain that the links they are using to access an online platform come from secure and verifiable sources.

Is Wildz safe and secure to play at?

Wildz is registered and licensed to operate gaming activity and follows the strict rules and guidelines set in place by the regional authorities in which the company operates to ensure that players enjoy a safe and secure gaming platform.

How can I protect my financial information when playing?

Don't share pin codes or login details, make sure your mobile device and desktop PC cannot be accessed by others and remember to sign out of the gambling site and all banking platforms once your session is complete.

How can I protect my player account?

Get in touch with your online operator and/or change your login/password details if you think that your account has been compromised.

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