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Responsible Gaming

The issue of Responsible Gaming is one we take extremely seriously at Wildz. It is an important topic central to our code of ethics.

We are aware of the potential social and financial harm associated with problem gaming. Therefore, our staff are regularly trained on responsible gaming awareness, and we have dedicated tools and information in place designed to ensure that you can have a safe gaming experience on our site.

Below, you can find helpful tips on safeguarding against problem gambling, as well as details of professional support.

Preventing Underage Gaming

Rootz does not allow anybody under the age of 18 to play on the website. We have a verification check upon registration, and Rootz reserves the right to run further checks at any time on customers. Useful steps to prevent minors from logging on and gambling without your knowledge can be found via the following links: Netnanny and Cyberpatrol.

Personal Gaming Limits

Wildz promotes various personal gaming limits to help players control their gambling expenditures.

Available to players at all times, our limit functionalities can be applied for time-frames of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days and include:

  • Deposit limit: Deposit limits let you put a ceiling on the maximum amount you can deposit into your account. Once that amount is reached, you’ll no longer be able to make a deposit until the set period of time is up.
  • Time limit: This option allows you to set a time limit on your play, and once this is reached, the system will automatically log you out of your account.
  • Net loss limit: Choose a Net loss limit to put a stop to your gaming with Wildz once your losses have met a predefined amount - preventing you from placing further wagers with us.
  • Wagering limit: To put a cap on the amount you can bet, you should activate this particular limit type.

You can adjust your limits at any time. Please note that if the limit is decreased (adjusted downwards), the change is effective immediately. If the limit is increased (adjusted upwards), the change will take effect after a 7-day cooling period.

Find our limit section by clicking here.

Automatic Withdrawal Limit

Another tool designed to help players stay in control of their gambling is the automatic withdrawal limit. This option allows you to set a monetary limit (please note that the minimum amount that can be chosen is €20) for when individual game-round wins should go straight to withdrawal. When a game-round win is equal to or higher than your chosen limit, this win will automatically be paid out as a withdrawal instead of being added to the balance of your Wildz account.

Panic Button

The Panic Button allows you to take a break from gambling. If you opt to use this tool, you will not be able to log in to your account for the next 24 hours. Choose this option if you feel like you need some time away from gambling or if your gambling activity is starting to get out of control.

You can activate a 24 hour ban at any time. A clearly displayed Panic Button is always available on every website page. Note that once requested, the request cannot be revoked.

If you feel that you still need more time away from gambling after a 24 hour ban period has elapsed, you may want to consider self-excluding instead.


Self-exclusion is an option for players that want to put a complete stop to their gambling activity. Please use the Self-Exclusion option from your account profile or send an email to [email protected] with the self-exclusion request together with an explanation of the reason behind the request.

Since self-exclusions cannot be reversed, please consider this option carefully before it is requested. The self-exclusion is processed via OASIS, a nationwide central lock which will restrict you from playing with any gambling operators across the Federal Republic of Germany. An exclusion request takes effect immediately after the request has been submitted to OASIS.

You will need to provide a time period for the exclusion, from a minimum of 3 months and up to a maximum of 1 year. The ban cannot be cancelled by us, and it is not automatically lifted once the chosen exclusion period has expired. A removal of the exclusion is only possible after the chosen time frame has passed, by sending a written request to the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt Dezernat III 34 Glücksspiel, Preisprüfung 64278 Darmstadt. The lifting of the ban will take effect at the earliest one week after receipt.

Find the Self-Exclusion option and more information by clicking here.

Rootz reserves the right to close your account if we feel your gambling is placing you in personal or financial peril or if we detect any gambling addiction on your part.

Reality Checks

Reality Checks have been introduced by Wildz as a way of keeping track of your gambling activity during a session. At regular 60 minute intervals, you will be advised to take a 5-minute break. This is required by the State Treaty on Gambling. After you have acknowledged this notice, you can continue playing after the 5-minute break. You will also receive some info related to your current session, such as the length of time playing and the amount spent/won, while you’ll also be presented with the option to view your transaction history or leave the game you are playing.

Account Closure

Please note that this account closure option should only be used for reasons that are related to Wildz specifically. If the reason you wish to close your account is due to problematic gambling, please use the Self-Exclusion option instead.

If you wish to take a longer break or close your account due to other reason not related to addiction prevention, you can choose to make an indefinite account closure. Once an indefinite closure request has been made, you will not be able to log in to the account any more. You can contact our Customer Support to inquire about the possibility to reopen your account.

Find the account closure option and more information by clicking here.

Useful Tips

Online gambling is intended to be a fun and enjoyable experience, but for a small number of players, it can spiral out of control due to a variety of reasons. Here’s a short list of guidelines to protect yourself and prevent the onset of problem gambling:

  • Only gamble ‘within your means’: or in other words, what you can safely afford to lose.
  • Don’t ever attempt to ‘chase losses’ - this means attempting to recoup what you have already spent.
  • Know when enough is enough. Put controls in place to ensure you don’t go over your betting limits.
  • Remember, gambling + drugs/alcohol don’t mix.
  • Take some time out if you appear to be gambling recklessly or outside of your usual betting patterns.

Self-Assessment Test

Check Dein Spiel is an organisation that offers a comprehensive self-test to help you determine whether you are playing at a healthy level or if you have problem gambling tendencies. After finishing the test, you will receive direct feedback with suggestions and information about what you can do in order to improve your gambling habits. They provide support information and can refer you to help centres close to your home if necessary. Rest assured, these experts are bound to strict confidentiality. If you are concerned about your gambling or just curious, we encourage you to take the quiz when you have a spare moment.

We’re Here to Help

Our Support team is on hand to provide you with any additional information surrounding problem gambling, and for clarification on the different limits available to you.

At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy your time spent playing at Wildz. Hopefully, you’re able to win in the process!

It’s always worth keeping abreast of our Terms and Conditions, but if anything remains unclear, you can always reach out to our friendly Support team.

You can also contact our Player Protection Officer through the email address [email protected] for responsible gaming related issues.

Counselling Centres for Addiction in the Federal Republic of Germany:

Here you can find information and further support on how to counteract problem gambling, including links to helpful organisations: Fachverband Glücksspielsucht e. V., the Landeskoordinierungsstellen Glücksspielsucht and Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung. On these sites you can find extensive information about problem gambling as well as instructions and contact details for getting professional assistance, should this be needed.

Here you can find a list of local advise center in your area, for example:


Beratungs- und Behandlungszentrum für Suchterkrankungen Büchsenstraße 34/36
70174 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711 2054345
E-Mail: [email protected]


Blaukreuz-Zentrum München
Kurfürstenstraße 34
80801 München
Tel: 089 332020 E-Mail: [email protected]


Caritasverband für Berlin e. V.
Große Hamburger Straße 18
10115 Berlin
Tel: 030 66633400
E-Mail: [email protected]


Ambulante Beratungs- und Behandlungsstelle für Suchtkranke und Suchtgefährdete
Großbeerenstraße 187
14482 Potsdam
Tel: 0331 73040740
E-Mail: [email protected]


Bremer Fachstelle Glücksspielsucht
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 35
28195 Bremen
Tel: 0421 9897927
E-Mail: [email protected]


AS - Aktive Suchthilfe
Repsoldstraße 4
22097 Hamburg
Tel: 040 2802170
E-Mail: [email protected]


Fachambulanz für Suchtkranke
Rheinstraße 17
65185 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 0611 3411760
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.caritas-wiesbaden-rheingau-taunus.de


Schwerpunktberatungsstelle Glücksspielsucht Schwerin Ferdinand-Schultz-Straße 12
19055 Schwerin
Tel: 0385 5213143
E-Mail: [email protected]


Fachstelle für Sucht und Suchtprävention
Berliner Allee 8
30175 Hannover
Tel.: 0511 878138-0
E-Mail: [email protected] Web: www.diakonisches-werk-hannover.de/sucht


Suchtberatungs- und Therapiezentrum Fachambulanz Langerstraße 2
40233 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211 7353264
E-Mail: fachambulanz@diakoniedüsseldorf.de


Fachstelle Glücksspielsucht
Lotharstraße 11 - 13
55116 Mainz
Tel: 06131 9074625
E-Mail: [email protected]


Psychosoziale Beratungs- und Behandlungsstelle für pathologisches Glücksspielen
Johannisstraße 2
66111 Saarbrücken
Tel: 0681 3090650
E-Mail: [email protected]


Suchtberatungsstelle der GESOP gGmbH
Gasanstaltstraße 10
01237 Dresden
Tel: 0351 21530830
E-Mail: [email protected]


Beratungszentrum/Regionalstelle Glücksspielsucht Leibnizstraße 4
39104 Magdeburg
Tel: 0391 5324913
E-Mail: [email protected]


Beratungs- u. Behandlungsstelle für Glücksspielsucht
Wall 38
24103 Kiel
Tel: 0431 26044500
E-Mail: [email protected]


Caritas Suchthilfe-Zentrum S13
Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße 14
99096 Erfurt
Tel.: 0361 21658460
E-Mail: [email protected]

At Spielsucht Beratungsstellen, you can find contact details to help and counselling centres on a regional level throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

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