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Wildlife Slots Guide

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While many dream of exploring the world and all its natural splendours, not everyone has the opportunity to travel. The good news is that with online slots you can go on a globetrotting adventure anywhere, any time. That could explain the popularity of wildlife slots as a theme: game designers have a never-ending supply of animals, birds and fish to use in these kinds of slots games, as symbols, storylines and more.

From the heart of the jungle to the blazing savanna, the earth is just full of fascinating beasts. From the howling wolves of Wild Animals to the lethal ocean threats of Razor Shark, there’s an animal slot waiting to be discovered. There are gentle bees (Beez Kneez) and dolphins (Dolphin’s Wild Ride), too, so it’s not always about apex predators! Wild wonders offer amazing opportunities for sound and animation, too; it’s no surprise that these slots just keep on coming.

What defines a wildlife slot?

The word wild refers to anything living in the natural environment. How you define that is up to you. It could be the creatures that visit your garden or the animals in far off places you’ve only ever seen documentaries about. A great wildlife slot is usually set in one area where a group of animals live, such as the plains of Africa, where lions, giraffes, zebra and elephants go about their business, or deep in equatorial rainforests, with gorillas, chameleons, parrots and antelope dwell. Whether it’s a Big 5-themed slot or an ocean adventure, the common factor is that the animals are in charge, not the humans. This is their world, and we are just visiting. If we’re lucky, they’ll share some of their good fortune with us, too.

How do wildlife slots work?

There are no limits when it comes to wildlife slots, game developers literally have the whole world at their fingertips. You will find this theme in every format of the slots universe, from classic 3-reel slots to slots with complex cascading symbols and expanding reels. There are even wildlife-themed jackpot slots, like the legendary Mega Moolah. Creative teams will put these games together, combining impressive storylines with engaging features and mechanics. These could be Free Spin rounds or multipliers, it all depends on the game. With online gaming, the experience is all about player enjoyment, so you simply choose a style of game that works for you. The game lobby at Wildz is a good place to explore in order to do that. You will find high and low volatility wildlife slots with varying Return-To-Player values, so when you read up about each game via its fact sheet or info page, you can play accordingly. Many of the world’s best online wildlife slots games are available to play for free in Demo Mode at Wildz, so players can check out the gameplay and mechanics.

To learn more about how the features and benefits of wildlife slots work, take a look at this handy Guide.

Some of the best wildlife slots you can play at Wildz

You, too, can explore the world and its fascinating cornucopia of beasts through a vast range of wildlife slots available at the best sites, including Wildz. Here are some global favourites:

Join the wild horses of Mustang Gold and experience the freedom of the prairie, or experience the warm equatorial wonders of Jungle Spirit; head to the frozen wastelands of the tundra in Wild North or… you choose! There’s a whole universe of wonderful creatures to be discovered in the game lobby.


What is a Wildlife Slot?

It's the slot's theme, filled with wild animals from around the world. In these slots, you'll explore the heart of the jungle, the hot savanna dessert and the cold in the north.

How do Wildlife Slots work?

These slots come in every format; you'll find anything from classic 3-reel slots to the more complex cascading symbols and expanding reels.

What are some of the best Wildlife Slots?

We offer many Wildlife Slots, but our favourites are Mustang Gold, Jungle Spirit and Wild North. All are available in our ever-growing game catalogue.

Is there any trick to winning?

All slot machines use random number generators, meaning there's no skill involved; tips or tricks won't make you a better online slot player.

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